Attendee Tracking

trade show attendee tracking

Attendees are the life’s blood of any trade show.  Understanding their experience is the best way to ensure successful events for years to come.  Additionally, tracking session attendance for the purpose of planning and/or providing session credit is a necessary function of trade shows and conferences.  An accurate tracking system is always an integral part of a successful event.

Whether you want to track attendees attending educational sessions, analyze traffic patterns within an exhibit hall, or just understand how many attendees are walking through various parts of your event at any given time, ExpoTopols USA has an attendee tracking solution for you.

At ExpoTools USA we provide the most accurate RFID Passive Tracking Solution in the trade show industry.  Our unobtrusive doorgates and proximity devices read embedded RFID tags on attendee badges as they enter and exit different rooms and areas seamlessly and accurately, providing valuable data for show management. An online RFID dashboard allows for monitoring data using a variety of attendance categories and graphs, providing another tool specifically designed to ensure that your show is successful for years to come.  In addition, ExpoTools USA provides a package of standard and custom reports at shows end – more valuable tools for show management!

Conference Attendance Tracking

Conference Attendance Tracking

Our passive tracking system can accurately track attendees and collect data for conferences with high volume attendance.  The data collection is instant and unobtrusive and will record the following from attendees:

  • Registration ID
  • Location of the attendee
  • Date and time
  • Duration of stay, both within certain areas of the event and the event as a whole
  • Direction of travel (in and out)

Why is passive tracking important?

Our automated attendance system will provide you with data on attendee movement that will help you better plan your event and improve the experience for attendees and exhibitors.  The traffic patterns of the attendees will help you understand what the attendees are most interested in and help you improve the flow of traffic throughout the event.  The attendees are automatically tracked in real time so you can use the data to make decisions during the event to better cater to their interests.  Our automated attendance tracking streamlines the tracking process and eliminates the need for obtrusive manual scanning.

The following is included in our RFID attendance tracking:

  • Scannable badges: The badges that we provide include RFID tags that contain the personal and contact information for each attendee. The RFID tags are scanned throughout the event to track the movements of the attendees.
  • RFID portals: Our RFID portals will scan badges as the attendees walk by them. We can set up these portals throughout the event to track the traffic of the attendees as well as keep count of those who attend sessions, seminars, luncheons, and CEU/ CME certification classes.
  • Visitor/Attendee RFID Dashboard: The ExpoTools USA RFID dashboard provides a snapshot of attendance data by category. Show managers can view graphically appealing valuable session data, exhibit hall data, or virtually any other location attendance data as tracked by RFID doorgates and devices.

Session Attendance Tracking – CEU / CME

Session Attendance Tracking – CEU CME

Trade shows often feature various sessions, seminars, luncheons, and CEU/ CME certification classes that attendees must pay for in advance.  In the case of CEU/ CME certifications, attendance to this type of training may be mandatory.  Our event attendee tracking system can be used to track those who attend these events, ensuring that those who must attend a mandatory CEU/ CME training have done so.

Access Control

Many sessions, speaker engagements, gala events, luncheons, and special events within your event may require attendees to pay an additional fee when registering for your event. We can utilize our badge printing system to encode each paid for special event into the attendee’s barcoded badge. When an attendee tries to enter a paid event, our badge readers will decode the badge and check that they have paid for the event instantly. No rosters, no arguments. A message can be displayed that confirms or denies entry.  The data will also be collected so you can review who was confirmed and who was denied entry and review their information.  This will ensure that paid for sessions only allow admittance to those who have paid for them, avoids confusion, and keeps rooms from going over capacity.

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Our professionals at ExpoTools USA will work with you to understand your attendee tracking needs and implement an attendance system tailored specifically to your budget and needs.  Contact ExpoTools to learn more!



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