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Trade Shows Badge SolutionsThroughout the years, trade show badges have evolved from peel and stick nametags to full color badges made of different materials and colors, with an emphasis on presenting the event branded visual message. They include different types of barcodes to facilitate exhibitor lead retrieval and in some cases they even have embedded RFID tags for passive attendance tracking. Are you planning on printing outside event or drink tickets to accompany your badges?  No problem.

At ExpoTools USA, our trade show badge solutions meet any level of consultation and services including badge design, procuring badge stock, pre-printing of attendee badges, and onsite on-demand printing at the event.  We work with you to design your badges to your specifications and fit them to your budget. Our BadgeMaster™ software integrates with your registration system, making onsite printing a breeze.

Whether providing a complete onsite solution with badges printed as attendees register, or pre-show badge printing, or a combination of both – you’ve found your badge provider right here!

Trade Show Badges

From consultation to design to badge production, our professional staff will assist you to procure your badging needs.  We will work with your graphic designers to create a badge that matches the theme, colors, and branding of your event.

Often it is necessary to include additional information specific to each individual attendee, incorporated into your badge design.  Some of these items may include:

  • Map of the venue
  • Schedule of events
  • Wi-Fi network and password
  • Drink, outside event, or other types of tickets

RFID Tracking and Exhibitor Lead Retrieval

RFID Badges

Most badges contain some type of barcode to facilitate exhibitor lead retrieval or traditional session tracking.  At ExpoTools USA we recommend utilizing an Aztec type barcode printed directly on the badge.  The Aztec barcode can contain any and all contact information you desire.  They are easy for our lead retrieval hardware to scan and read, and they allow most smartphones to quickly scan badges so that exhibitors can utilize our ExpoLeads Mobile exhibitor lead retrieval app.  Occasionally, our customers prefer using a different type of barcode on their badges.  The ExpoTools badging system can facilitate any barcode necessary, and our lead retrieval systems can be set up to read any barcode as well. Badge barcode data can also be encrypted to ensure your attendee’s privacy and security. This keeps control of badge data and lead retrieval solutions where it belongs – in the hands of show management.

When a next level extremely accurate and unobtrusive tracking system is needed, we recommend using our world class RFID solutions.  ExpoTools USA can include embedded RFID tags with your badges, and we offer the most accurate and flexible RFID attendance tracking systems in the industry.

On-Demand Badge Printing

On-Demand Badge PrinterThe ExpoTools USA BadgeMaster software integrates with any registration system to provide onsite, on-demand badge printing capabilities for your event.  Our system allows for walk up attendee badge printing kiosks, or badge stations, in which the attendee can quickly scan a show confirmation barcode and self-print their event badge.  BadgeMaster also makes it easy for registration personnel to print attendee badges in seconds.  It even allows for name changes, corrections, or new registrants!

Contact ExpoTools for Conference Badge Solutions

At ExpoTools USA, our system provides a perfect badge production solution for events of any size.  Contact ExpoTools for more information about our trade show badge solutions.



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