The Covid-19 outbreak has proven to be particularly challenging for the events industry, with related economic losses estimated in the billions.

As this is a transitory event, economic experts expect that the industry will fully recover by 2021.  The challenge ahead will be to ensure our customers are ready and able to provide show organizers and participants with continued access to high quality products and services that lead to successful events.

Key to that is quick, effective action to manage the spread of the virus and maintain economic viability for ourselves and our customers.  To that end, we at ExpoTools have taken the following actions:

  • We have closed both the Canadian and US warehouses until further notice.
  • Employees have been told to work from home and we have established policies to promote social distancing.
  • Voice over internet telephones have been secured and setup in everyone’s home office so our staff is accessible by calling their office number & extensions.
  • Incoming equipment will now be subject to additional cleaning and disinfection procedures.  While this is likely unnecessary, it is better in these matters to err on the side of caution.
  • When shipments resume, a disinfection step will also take place for outgoing shipments.
  • Production has been temporarily put on hold and associated staff asked not to come in until further notice.  When activities resume, a modified work schedule with no overlapping shifts will be put in place to minimize possible retransmission.
  • Consulted with staff to ensure continuity of operations during the shutdown and once events resume.

ExpoTools staff will still be available to answer any questions and address any issues you have.  Please note that response times may be slower than you are used to, but this is an unusual situation for all of us.

To ensure continued availability of equipment and to manage the expected surge in demand as events resume and get rescheduled, ExpoTools will be building additional equipment once it is safe for production staff to return to work.  RFID equipment and handheld scanners will be given priority to ensure we can meet requirements.  Development will continue during this period on the ExpoLeads Mobile lead retrieval & survey app and our ExpoLight conference app, so look to new releases on those soon.

We remain committed to the health and well-being of our staff, our customers, and their families.  And to your continued success in these hard times.  We look forward to a better road ahead.

ExpoTools USA Team

Expo Tools USA
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