Event Management (Access Control)

Event Management - Event Access Control

There are occasions where an Access Control system is necessary to ensure that only authorized attendees can gain entrance to restricted functions. These functions often include specific workshops, meals, galas, seminars, or any “paid” function. To facilitate this, ExpoTools has an elegant solution.

Introducing ExpoTools Event Management. The system is set-up during the registration system planning process, and this is how it works:

An ExpoTools hand held badge scanner is specifically programmed to look for a code in the perspective attendees badge which will allow entry into the specific event. This code can be extremely flexible, and it is based on information entered in the “paid events” field on the badge upon registration.  If the appropriate code is included within the data on the badge barcode, the attendee is allowed in.

Codes can be set up to allow access to any combination of paid or special events, programmed into the badge barcode during registration.  Or, perhaps attendees can obtain access to all or most special events.  A “Platinum” or “Gold” badge can be utilized for more generalized entry to special events.  These attendees may have paid for access, or they are sponsors who are granted access.  The system can be as flexible as necessary.

When the badge is scanned, the barcode scanner provides a message wither allowing or disallowing attendance.  The attendee can then be sent to registration where this can get resolved; they can then pay and have their badge reprinted with the correct code.  The operator also has the option to override the machine and let someone in.  Overrides are logged and recorded.

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We know how important it is to control access to those events within your trade show with restricted admission.  Our solution is highly accurate and easy to use, and it will help you stay in control of the show.  Contact ExpoTools to learn more about our Event Management solutions.



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