Expolight app trade show appThere is a lot that happens at tradeshows between the exhibitors, special sessions and workshops, and guest speakers.  Whether you are managing a tradeshow or participating as an exhibitor or speaker, it is important to keep track of the events of the show, your personal schedule, and attendee movements and feedback.  One of the best ways to manage everything for your event is by using the ExpoLight Conference App.

The ExpoLight App is a mobile application that allows event managers, exhibitors, guest speakers, and attendees to navigate the tradeshow with access to schedules and information about the events and exhibitors.  This app is fully customizable for participants and attendees as participants can update their information and get instant feedback from attendees and attendees can easily look up information for exhibitors and events and make their own personal schedule.

Features of ExpoLight

The ExpoLight App seamlessly integrates all of the information regarding the tradeshow into a user-friendly interface.  With this app, users can view the following:

  • Event schedule: The ExpoLight App contains a complete schedule of every event within the tradeshow including workshops, sessions, guest speakers, and more. Users can easily search through the day by day schedule and add events to their personal schedule within the app.
  • Exhibitor info: Within the app, users can look at a complete list of exhibitors that includes a description of their business and where their booth is located within the tradeshow. Exhibitors can add information to their listing within the app.
  • Maps: This app contains interactive maps that will help users find the booths and events they are looking for.
  • Speakers: A comprehensive list of speakers that includes the bio of each speaker and a schedule of their sessions can be found within this app. Users can add guest speakers to their personal schedules.
  • Sessions and events: Every session and workshop is included within this app with information on the session, speaker, and time of the event. Users can add these sessions to their personal schedules and rate the sessions within the app.
  • Personal schedules: Users can create a personal schedule within the app by adding the exhibitors, sessions, and speakers they are interested in seeing. Users can also add notes about the speakers, exhibitors, and other events and rate them instantly on the app.

Expo attendee mobile appOther features of the ExpoLight App that can benefit attendees and exhibitors include the following:

  • Full customization: Everything within the app is customizable including personal schedules and agendas, privacy controls, and the skins and color schemes.
  • Tracking integration: ExpoTools RFID tracking, lead retrieval, and registration data is integrated into this app so exhibitors and event managers can easily track this data.
  • Communication: This app allows for better communication including real-time notifications, messaging, and Find-a-Friend location sharing.
  • Automation: Passive tracking, event check-ins, and survey prompts can be automated within the app.

ExpoLight Features for Administrators

The ExpoLight App does include many administrative features for tradeshow managers and exhibitors:

  • Sponsorship: The ExpoLight App features a multi-level sponsorship module that allows you to feature multiple sponsors. You can use rotating app banners as well as messaging from sponsors at points of interests.
  • Attendee feedback: Within this app, tradeshow managers and exhibitors can access ratings, comments, and survey results from attendees in real time.
  • Administrative tools: Tradeshow managers can customize the look of the app to include the logos and colors of the event. They can also give access to exhibitors and guest speakers to update their information and schedules.  Exhibitors can give admin roles to their team members to handle various tasks within the app.

ExpoLight App from ExpoTools

As you plan your next tradeshow or event, you can integrate all of the information needed for attendees, speakers, and exhibitors within the ExpoLight App from ExpoTools.  This easy to use app allows you to manage events, track data, and give administrative access to exhibitors and guest speakers to update their own bios and schedules.

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