How to Implement RFID Technology at an Event

Tradeshows are often major events within industries as experts and professionals from the industry gather to network and expand their client or customer base by educating them about their products and services.  Many people attend tradeshows, including exhibitors, guest speakers, and attendees.  With so many people attending the tradeshow and moving throughout the event, it can be difficult to track the movements of those in attendance.

There are many benefits to tracking the movement of attendees at a trade show for event managers and exhibitors.  Event managers can determine which areas of the event are getting the most foot traffic and even arrange the floorplan to accommodate the traffic.  Exhibitors can track who has visited their booth as well as who attended their workshops or guest speaker sessions.  The best way to get accurate tracking information that also includes gathering the information of the attendees is by using RFID tracking technology.

ExpoTools USA offers RFID tracking solutions that accurately track the movements of attendees at a tradeshow.  The data gathered from RFID tracking can be used for lead retrieval and tracking the overall attendance of the show as well as that of special sessions and workshops.

What are ExpoTools RFID Solutions?

ExpoTools utilizes an integrated system of RFID tags, RFID readers, and RFID data reporting methods that provides the most accurate attendee tracking available in the industry.  Attendees to your event will receive badges upon entry that have RFID chips embedded in them.  These chips will be picked up by RFID readers placed throughout the event which will track their movements and capture the personal information that they submitted when they registered for the event.

The RFID readers and data reporting can be set up any way you want to record the data that most interests you.  The RFID readers can be set up to track who enters certain sections of the show and to track attendance for additional workshops and sessions within the show that attendees must pay to attend.  You can also set up the data reporting software to track the information you want from attendees including their movements and personal information.

Who Uses ExpoTools RFID Solutions?

Associations and Event Managers of all types use RFID tracking at their shows whenever an extremely high degree of accurate attendee tracking is necessary.  It is common in Association events for attendees to be required to attend courses to maintain or earn credits in their fields.  In these cases, proof of course attendance is paramount and event managers need an extremely accurate tracking system to ensure that course credit is accurately tracked.

An unobtrusive tracking system is best in areas where traffic patterns are measured for the purposes of identifying the most active areas of the show floor.  In other cases, a more accurate count and/ or roster of attendees needs to be tracked for specific events that occur throughout the course of a conference or tradeshow.

Corporate events often use RFID tracking to ensure that their attendees are visiting certain areas of importance for a variety of reasons.

Why are ExpoTools RFID Solutions the Most Accurate in the Industry?

ExpoTools does not rely on overhead or floormat readers to capture RFID data.  Conversely, ExpoTools uses a 4-inch RFID tag that is applied to all badges and badge holders that has ample range to be picked up by RFID tag readers that are at the line of sight of attendees.  This means that our readers are not reading tags at angles which allows for more accurate readings to capture attendee data.  In addition to providing a high degree of accuracy, our RFID readers are also portable and can be moved to accommodate last minute changes in room or expo floor layouts.

RFID Tracking and Solutions from ExpoTools USA

At ExpoTools USA, we have worked with event managers and associations throughout the world to provide highly accurate RFID tracking for tradeshow events of up to 25,000 attendees.  If you are managing a tradeshow, we can help integrate our RFID tracking into your show by designing and printing RFID badges, placing RFID readers strategically throughout the tradeshow floor, and integrating our RFID tracking software to capture relevant data.

Our RFID passive tracking solutions are the most accurate in the tradeshow industry and will provide event managers and the exhibitors with the data they need for attendee tracking and lead retrieval.  Contact our professionals at ExpoTools USA as you plan your next tradeshow or event to learn how we can help with our RFID tracking solutions.

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