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Lead-Retrieval Mobile App for-Trade-ShowsFor both trade show managers and exhibitors, one of the most important aspects of the show is to gather quality leads.  Exhibitors attend events to establish contact with new prospects and to reinforce relationships with their current clients. ExpoTools USA not only provides the industry’s premier hardware solutions to facilitate exhibitor lead retrieval, but our ExpoLeads Mobile app for exhibitors is a perfect solution for booth personnel who prefer to utilize their own smartphones and/or tablets for their lead retrieval solution.  Leads are uploaded to a secure web portal in real-time, providing security and peace of mind.

ExpoLeads Mobile is a feature-rich solution that provides exhibitors the ability to:

  • Scan Badges quickly
  • Add qualifiers to each lead, available with the ExpoLeads Mobile standard list of qualifiers
  • Create custom qualifiers, specific to your exact needs and reflective of the products and services specific to the exhibiting company
  • Add new qualifiers on the fly
  • Add and edit notes for each lead
  • Scroll and view leads, with the ability to add qualifiers and notes at any time
  • Manually add leads where no barcoded badge is present
  • Edit leads to correct or include missing or incorrect information
  • Create custom surveys to better target leads post-show – at no additional cost
  • Send electronic marketing materials and catalogs
  • Capture images that attach to the current lead
  • Send leads on demand via email to themselves or anyone of their choosing
  • Automatically share leads as they are collected with co-workers
  • Download lead file via a secure web portal using personal secure credentials
  • Leads are able to be viewed remotely as they are collected, and allow for monitoring and near real-time follow-up
  • Save on the cost and responsibility of rental equipment

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