RFID Event Solutions

RFID Event Solutions

At ExpoTools USA, we offer the most advanced passive RFID attendee tracking solutions in the industry. Whether your event provides Continuing Education Credits or not, accurate tracking of sessions and the exhibit hall can be of paramount importance to the overall success of an event.

RFID Attendance Tracking

There are several benefits to utilizing the ExpoTools USA RFID Passive Attendance Tracking Solution.

RFID Attendance TrackingFirst, the ExpoTools USA RFID Solution is highly accurate.  While most industry solutions typically recognize accuracy in the range of 80%, The ExpoTools USA RFID Tracking Solutions regularly measure at over 99% accuracy.  As the industry leader, ExpoTools USA has developed a solid combination of hardware, software, and RFID tags to ensure that our solutions provide world class accuracy where others fall short.

But being highly accurate isn’t enough.  At ExpoTools USA, we provide a robust reporting structure which includes an online event dashboard as well as a fully customizable post event reporting solution – a solution which can present tracking data in boundless custom configurations.

The ExpoTools RFID Tracking Solution is also a passive and unobtrusive solution.  We utilize RFID door gates and proximity devices that don’t get in the way of the attendees as they go about their tradeshow activities.

Offering sponsors new and different ways to display their messages can also be a huge benefit to event managers.  ExpoTools USA RFID door gates and proximity devices are fully brandable, which can be a valuable sponsorship opportunity, or a great chance to display your event theme and branding as well.

Our RFID conference tracking system is beneficial for trade show managers because they can track the movements of attendees – an invaluable aid for future show planning.  Exhibitors benefit from our RFID attendance tracking for lead retrieval as they can view the information of those who visited their booth or attended their seminar allowing for targeted post event messaging and marketing.

RFID Passive Tracking Process

RFID badge holderOur RFID attendance tracking system consists of:

  • RFID badges: ExpoTools uses specific high-tech RFID tags affixed directly to the badges we offer. These tags are encoded with the appropriate attendee data to allow tracking throughout event sessions and the expo floor as you see fit.
  • RFID Portals: Our RFID portals automatically scan the RFID badges when an attendee is in the vicinity of the portal. Doorgates scan attendees as the enter/exit sessions, the expo hall, or other rooms as you specify. Proximity devices scan attendees as they walk around in open areas, providing valuable information on dwell times and traffic patterns.
  • Tracking software: Our RFID Reporter system utilizes algorithms and filters developed by the ExpoTools USA Engineering staff that has been honed over a period of several years of field use. All of this simply equates to a highly accurate and robust tracking and reporting system for your organization.

RFID Event Solutions from ExpoTools USA

The professionals at ExpoTools USA can set up a fully automated passive RFID event tracking system that will accurately track every attendee as required, providing valuable analytics and session attendance to suit our clients’ custom needs and exceed their expectations.  Contact ExpoTools to learn more about our RFID tracking solutions.



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