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As the “new” old saying goes, “If it wasn’t measured, it didn’t happen.”

Show Managers know this to be abundantly true in regard to their events from one year to the next.  There are simply no better ways control costs and maximize the show experience than to understand how every service included for your event adds value.

Attendees go to events so that they can network, attend sessions and get education credits, keep up on industry trends, and shop for products and services that suit them or their organizations.  Exhibitors got to events to see what new innovations their competitors and others in the industry are providing, introduce new products and services, keep in contact with their current clients, find new prospects and sales channels, and sell.

As a show manager you are ensuring that everyone meets their objectives.  As markets change, as attitudes change, as technology changes and as people change, you have to keep up.  The best way to do this is to participate in the trend of analytics. With this in mind, ExpoTools has a myriad of ways to analyze what is actually happening at your event.

Trade Show AnalyticsWhen the event is over and the attendees experience starts to fade, it isn’t the large sponsor bag full of pamphlets and goodies isn’t that defines the value of the show.  It’s the retainment of the experience itself that counts.  What were the educational sessions attended?  Who were the contacts made at the show?  What exhibitors had the most effect based on their products and innovations?  Who were the speakers that had the most impact?  The ExpoTools event app, ExpoLight can help attendees manage their own experience at the event and create a lasting record of that experience. In addition, ExpoLight provides value to show managers in analyzing and understanding the attendee experience.

In this day and age, it is paramount for show managers to have extremely accurate methods for tracking session attendance at their events.  The sessions are too important to the attendees careers to settle for “mostly’ accurate session tracking.  The most accurate system in the industry for session tracking is RFID, and the most accurate RFID system has been developed by, and is offered by, ExpoTools.  While manual scanning is a viable solution, it relies on people to scan attendees or attendees to scan themselves into and/or out of sessions.  What could go wrong?  A lot.  In addition, ExpoTools offer a more accurate RFID passive tracking system which provides a better than 99.5% accuracy standard.  Along with this highly accurate system comes a reporting system second to none.  An RFID dashboard provides show managers with session data presented in every way imaginable, and customizable reports go even further – ensuring that you have not only accurate data, but data presented in a way that works for you.

Exhibitors have many reasons to participate in events – not the least is the lead data that they hope to convert to sales.  Keep the exhibitors coming back to your event year in and year out by providing them flexible and meaningful options for lead capture and retrieval.  The ExpoTools Lead Retrieval Solutions are a valuable tool for exhibitors, allowing them to create a database of their sales leads that drills down to the very essence of the conversations with prospects and customers they have at the event. Successful exhibitors are repeat exhibitors!

Exhibit Hall analysis (hot spots):  Where are the most visited segments of your exhibit hall?  At what time of the day are certain areas seeing traffic, while others may not be? When you are selling exhibitor space for your next event, how can you really tell what is most valuable to your customers?  ExpoTools has tools to help you analyze and manage your expo hall space.  Using our Beacon solutions, our RFID solutions, or a combination of both can illustrate all of your expo hall traffic in a clear and concise way.

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At ExpoTools USA, we provide exhibitors and trade show managers quick access to attendee analytical data collected through our custom software, hardware, and mobile applications.  Further, Passive RFID and Beacon systems provide highly accurate attendee tracking data with customized reports designed to deliver valuable information when it’s needed. Contact us to find out more!



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