Trade Show Consultants

Trade Show Consultants

Trade show managers know how much planning and preparation are needed for a successful event. Selecting a venue appropriate to their event size and budget, determining a registration strategy, securing exhibitors and attendees, booking speakers, and choosing all of your event vendors can be overwhelming for Certified Meeting Planners, regardless of event size.

At ExpoTools USA, our trade show consultants can help you plan out the entire event from booking the venue, to registration and badging, to exhibitor lead retrieval and attendee tracking solutions.  Our trade show planners have over 100 years of combined experience executing trade shows and events all over the world and will ensure that every aspect of your event is thoroughly and thoughtfully planned.

Trade Show Planners

When you contract with ExpoTools USA for your event, you can expect our trade show planners to advise you through every step of the planning process.

As event consultants, we assist our event planning partners with several aspects of events as required, including:

  • Venue selection: We will help find the best possible venue for your trade show, taking your specific needs into consideration.
  • Pre-show registration: Each event has its own specific registration system needs. ExpoTools USA works with registration systems of every size and capability, and we can help you choose the solution that fits your event.  We also provide an onsite solution that integrates with virtually any registration system to allow for changes and additions to your registration database.
  • Badge solutions: We will work with you to design badges that are both functional and beautiful. Whether you choose two or four color printing, we will help you brand your badges to match the theme of your event.  We also offer on-site badge printing solutions that provide a quick process for registration personnel, allow attendees to self print, or a combination of both solutions to suit your needs.
  • Attendee tracking: Whether you choose traditional attendee tracking utilizing barcodes on badges, or a passive RFID tracking solution involving badging with embedded RFID tags and RFID doorgates and readers, you can rest easy in the knowledge that ExpoTools USA is the industry leader in attendee tracking and we can provide the solution best suited to your requirements.
  • Session Reporting: When an RFID Attendance Tracking Solution is utilized, not only do our systems provide the most accurate solutions available in the entire industry (regularly measured at over 99%), but ExpoTools USA provides world class reporting as well. We utilize an online event dashboard which presents session data in a number of different ways to make monitoring attendance a breeze. We also offer a standard reporting package after the event to help you present your tracking data in a clear, concise, and visually appealing manner.  Additionally, we can provide custom reports as you require.
  • Exhibitor Lead Retrieval: At ExpoTools USA, we have always stayed on the cutting edge of Lead Retrieval hardware technology. Because we design and manufacture our own hardware, we can quickly set or adjust to trends and new needs in the industry.  Our feature-rich systems are always the favored solutions for exhibitors (and contractors), and our ExpoLeads Mobile Lead Retrieval app offers the same features as our advanced hardware for those exhibitors who choose to use their own smartphones or tablets to facilitate their lead retrieval requirements.

Let us help!

Tradeshows and events can be stressful.  Contact ExpoTools to learn more about how our trade show planners can help you!



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