Trade Show Lead Retrieval

Trade Show Lead Retrieval

Your exhibitors are at your event to do more than demonstrate their products and services for those in attendance.  An important goal of many exhibitors is to gain good sales leads after talking to attendees face to face and answering their questions about their business, products, and services.  With so many people walking throughout the exhibits in a short amount of time, it is difficult for exhibitors to get the information they need from everyone to create a database of leads using non-measurable ROI methods like ‘a handshake and a business card’. Our hardware and software tools allow your exhibitors a fulsome view of the effectiveness of their exhibition efforts, and allow them to quickly follow up on leads.

At ExpoTools USA, we provide trade show managers with state-of-the-art lead retrieval technology allowing your exhibitors to capture lead information.  Using scannable badges and badge scanning systems, we collect the contact information of the attendees which can be accessed in our ExpoLeads Mobile App and online exhibitor portals.  Our highly accurate lead retrieval system collects lead information in real time, and can be used by exhibitors to create custom reports to help the better target their prospective customers.

Lead Retrieval System

portable badge scannerOur state-of-the-art lead retrieval system consists of scannable badges, badge scanners, and software to collect attendee data.  Our badge scanning system is highly accurate and will provide detailed data.

When you work with ExpoTools USA for your trade show, we will help set up a lead retrieval system with:

  • Scannable badges: We can print scannable badges for the attendees and exhibitors that have an RFID tag and/or a scannable barcode. You can choose whether to use the RFID tag in your badges or a barcode, and you can also choose what information will be revealed to the exhibitor. Demographic data can be included in the badge data as well.  You can work with us to design the look of the badges and include the branding for the show and/or your sponsors.
  • Badge scanners: We offer a range of badge scanners that can quickly and easily read the RFID tag or barcode on the badges. These badge scanners are portable, and they can save the information gathered to the cloud and can be accessed through our secure online portals.
  • ExpoLeads Mobile App: The ExpoLeads Mobile app is a convenient lead retrieval solution that exhibitors can access from any smartphone or tablet. The app is a free download available in the Apple and Google Play stores and once it is downloaded, the registration database of the event can be encrypted, downloaded and synched to the device.  This app can be used to give exhibitors access to the badge data they have collected and create custom reports.

Trade Show Lead Retrieval Solutions from ExpoTools USA

ExpoTools USA has everything you need to accurately track information from attendees for automated lead gathering and retrieval.  Contact ExpoTools USA to discuss our lead retrieval systems with our professionals for your next trade show.



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