Trade Show Technologies

At ExpoTools USA, we provide the latest technologies in Badge Production, Passive and Traditional Session/Attendee Tracking, Exhibitor Lead Retrieval, and Data Analytics Reporting. Our cutting edge event solutions provide event managers with the most accurate attendee tracking solutions available in the industry. We work closely with our clients to completely understand the needs and objectives of each individual event, regardless of size. In addition, our Lead Retrieval systems are the most popular and exhibitor friendly, feature rich, solutions available.

Event Management Solutions

These are the advanced trade show technologies we provide:

Badge Production

Whether our clients prefer pre-printing or onsite badge production, ExpoTools can help.  We work with show managers and designers to procure custom badges designed specifically to event specifications. Some events require badges to be printed prior to the event.  Some prefer all their badges to be printed on-demand at the event venue.  Some require a combination of both solutions!  Whatever your badge printing strategy, ExpoTools has the systems you need to produce badges in the most effective way for your specific event.

RFID Badge Printing

RFID Badge Printer

In some cases, our clients require the highly accurate attendance tracking systems that only RFID can provide.  ExpoTools USA uses specific high-tech RFID tags affixed directly to the badges we offer. These tags are encoded with the appropriate attendee data to allow tracking throughout event sessions and the expo floor as needed. Our standard and custom RFID attendance reporting systems provide all attendance data formatted to specifications as determined by event management. The reporting mechanisms include an online RFID dashboard available via a secure, password protected web portal, as well as standard and custom reporting packages available after the event.

RFID Portals

Trade Show Technologies

ExpoTools offers the most advanced RFID Passive Tracking solutions in the industry.  Our RFID Door Gates are free standing devices placed at the entrances of session rooms and expo halls, or any room in which an extremely high degree of tracking accuracy is needed.

RFID Proximity devices can be used to track traffic patterns within sections of an exhibit hall in given increments of time to provide extremely useful heat mapping. Additionally, they can be used for wider entrances to track attendance into and out of various areas as necessary.

ExpoTools RFID Doorgates and Proximity Devices can be branded with the event or sponsors name to mitigate costs or provide added benefits for event sponsors.

ExpoTools Exhibitor Lead Retrieval

ExpoTools designs and manufactures our own Exhibitor Lead Retrieval hardware systems.  Our hardware units are the most popular systems in the industry, and for good reason!  They are user friendly, and they read virtually any kind of barcode symbology quickly and accurately.  Some of our rich features include:

  • Badge Scanning to capture attendee contact data
  • Lead Qualification through standard or custom qualifiers
  • Ability to add notes to scanned leads
  • Ability to scroll and view scanned editable leads
  • Sales Leads available in near real-time via our secure data portal

ExpoLeads Mobile

ExpoLeads Mobile is the ExpoTools USA Lead retrieval App designed especially for exhibitors.  Exhibitors can access a variety of Lead Retrieval features on their Android or Apple phones. Our mobile solution boasts the same features as our hardware systems – and more.

ExpoTools ShowMaster Software/RFID Dashboard

Information tracked by our RFID portals and badge readers is accessible through the ExpoTools USA ShowMaster software and RFID dashboard.  Data is accessed with computers, tablets, and laptops. Data is saved in a single file which makes it very easy to transfer between devices.



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