Session Tracking & Access Control

Elevate your event experience to new heights with ExpoTools' cutting-edge session tracking and access control solutions.

Our Approach

At ExpoTools, we're dedicated to meticulous event management, understanding the critical need for controlling access to exclusive areas and premium functions. Our finely-tuned Access Control system ensures only authorized attendees gain entry, providing a seamless and secure event experience. Embedded seamlessly within your registration process, our system promises a frictionless journey for both organizers and attendees alike.

Our Commitment

With ExpoTools, rest assured that your event is in capable hands. From start to finish, our dedicated team ensures seamless access control integration, guaranteeing a stress-free experience for all involved.

Key Features

  • Limit Access with Precision
  • Gain complete control over your event's access points, ensuring that only authorized individuals enter restricted areas and sessions. Say goodbye to unauthorized access and overcrowding, and hello to a more secure and exclusive event environment.

  • Streamlined Certification Tracking
  • Ensure compliance with mandatory training requirements by effortlessly tracking attendee attendance at certification classes, including CEU/CME sessions. Our intuitive system eliminates the need for manual tracking, saving you time and effort while guaranteeing regulatory compliance.

  • Seamless Integration
  • Seamlessly integrate our event attendee tracking system into your existing event management workflow. Whether you're using our platform for registration, ticketing, or event analytics, our solution seamlessly integrates to enhance efficiency and accuracy across all aspects of your event planning process.

Access Control at Your Fingertips

Seamlessly Manage Entry with ExpoTools

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  • Badge Scanning
  • Attendee Status Overview
  • Attendance Control
  • Manual Approval
  • Occupancy Monitoring
  • Attendee Profiles
  • Event Details
  • Date & Time Tracking

How it works

Customized Badge Encoding

Each attendee's badge is encoded with a specific code during registration, indicating access privileges to various events. This code is tailored to your event's requirements, ensuring flexibility and precision.

Flexible Access Options

Codes can be configured to grant access to specific events, combinations of events, or even generalized entry to premium functions with Platinum or Gold badge tiers. Whether attendees have paid for access or are privileged sponsors, our system adapts to your needs.

Real-Time Verification

Upon scanning the badge, our handheld scanners instantly verify the encoded information, granting or denying access as per the attendee's entitlement. In case of discrepancies, attendees are directed to registration for swift resolution, ensuring a smooth flow of entry.

Operator Override

While our system operates with utmost accuracy, operators have the flexibility to override access decisions when necessary. All overrides are logged and recorded for accountability and transparency.

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