Lead Retrieval

Upgrade your lead retrieval with ExpoTools USA's industry-leading hardware solutions and ExpoLeads Mobile app. Seamlessly capture leads on your own smartphones or tablets, with real-time upload to a secure web portal for peace of mind.

Enhanced Lead Retrieval for Exhibitors

Exhibitors strive to gather quality leads at events beyond showcasing their offerings. With our advanced hardware and software solutions, exhibitors gain insights into their exhibition effectiveness and swiftly follow up on leads. ExpoTools USA offers cutting-edge lead retrieval technology, enabling exhibitors to capture attendee information seamlessly. Using scannable badges and our ExpoLeads Mobile App, exhibitors access real-time lead data, empowering them to tailor their outreach strategies effectively.

Service benefits

  • Lead Retrieval System
  • Badge Scanners
  • Scannable Badges
  • ExpoLeads Mobile App

Powerful lead retrieval for your events

Capture leads on the fly

  • Quickly scan badges to capture leads.
  • Add qualifiers to each lead using standard or custom options.
  • Edit leads to correct or add missing information.

Streamlined engagement

  • Take notes during interactions.
  • Create custom surveys for targeted follow-up.
  • Send electronic marketing materials and catalogs.

Automate seamlessly

Tailor lead categorization with custom qualifiers and surveys to refine post-show targeting.

Email leads on demand

Share leads with co-workers

Download lead files online

Remotely view leads


Lead Retrieval System

Streamlining attendee data collection with scannable badges, badge scanners, and intuitive software.

Scannable badges

Customize badges with RFID tags or scannable barcodes, allowing exhibitors to capture attendee information effortlessly.

Portable Scanners

Choose from a range of portable badge scanners to quickly read RFID tags or barcodes. Seamlessly save captured information to the cloud for easy access via our secure online portals.

ExpoLeads Mobile App

Empower exhibitors with our convenient lead retrieval solution, accessible via any smartphone or tablet.

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