On-Site Registration & Badge Printing

We provide onsite registration solutions that fit the needs of your particular show, regardless of size. We assist with badge design and production which allow you to brand your badges as you envision.

ExpoTools On-Site: Why Us?

Discover ExpoTools USA, your go-to partner for seamless event registration solutions. Specializing in on-site registration, we excel in setting up, managing, and running registration processes with finesse. Unlike others, we prioritize on-site experiences, leveraging our extensive expertise to minimize attendee wait times, registration lines, and technological hiccups. From shipping equipment to deployment, we handle it all, ensuring your event runs like clockwork. Our innovative badge printing solutions further streamline your event, integrating seamlessly with pre-registration systems for onsite badge printing or pre-printed badge delivery. Backed by flexible options and unwavering support, we guarantee a flawless event journey from registration to badge printing. Trust ExpoTools USA to elevate your event experience effortlessly.

Service benefits

  • Custom badge design and type
  • Pre-event or on-site badge production
  • Self check-in, assisted check-in & self registration options
  • Flexible hardware options: Tablets, PC's, printers, etc.
  • Scalable implementations catering up to 25,000 attendees
  • Realtime integration with any platform

How it works in 4 easy steps

Understanding Your Goals

We consult thoroughly to grasp your needs and goals, adapting flexibly to your event's unique concept.

Pre-show badge design

Our team collaborates to craft a badge tailored to your event, regardless of material or complexity.

Deployment & Setup

We guarantee smooth deployment and setup. Our team handles shipping coordination and executes flawless setup.

On-Site Support

Throughout your event, we're on-site to promptly address any issues. From training to troubleshooting, we're with you every step of the way for success.

Custom Badges & Integrations

Demo Badge
Key Feature
Custom Badge Design & Data

Trust our team to bring your event's badge vision to life. Collaborate with our graphic designers to craft badges that align perfectly with your event's theme, colors, and branding. From initial consultation to production, we ensure your badges not only look great but also seamlessly integrate essential attendee data.

Advanced RFID Tags

Elevate your event with our cutting-edge RFID solutions. Seamlessly integrate RFID technology into your badges for next-level tracking accuracy and efficiency. Our world-class RFID systems offer unparalleled flexibility and precision, ensuring seamless attendee management while respecting privacy and security.

Lead Retrieval

Simplify networking at your event with our lead retrieval system. Utilize barcode technology embedded in our badges to capture attendee information effortlessly. Our system supports decoding of any barcode type, ensuring smooth lead retrieval while prioritizing attendee privacy through data encryption.

Our Registration Solutions

Your event's success deserves a pricing strategy that aligns with your goals. We offer a range of pricing plans crafted to meet your unique needs.

Attendees have the option to self-register and print their badge. A barcode in the confirmation email allows them to scan it at a kiosk, instantly generating their badge and event essentials. Get started
  • Full Setup & Support
  • Custom Badge Design
  • Self Check-In
  • Self Registration Stands
  • Self Badge Printing
Tailored Hybrid Solution
Explore a hybrid approach blending self-printing and assisted printing tailored to your event's needs. We assist in identifying the optimal solution for your event requirements and budget. Get started
  • Full Setup & Support
  • Custom Badge Design
  • Training for Registration Personnel
  • Self & Assisted Registration
  • Self & Assisted Badge Printing
  • Custom Tailored Solution
Assisted Service
A swift registration and badge printing solution speeds up lines. Our cutting-edge hardware ensures fast, easy, and efficient badge printing, expediting attendee processing. Get started
  • Full Setup & Support
  • Custom Badge Design
  • Training for Registration Personnel
  • Dedicated Registration Solution
  • Pre-event or On-site Badge Printing

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