Unleash the Power of RFID Tracking

Experience precision-driven event tracking with ExpoTools USA's advanced RFID solutions. Boost attendee engagement, satisfaction, and event success with seamless data sharing, real-time engagement, and collaborative reporting features. Choose ExpoTools for unparalleled accuracy and event excellence redefined.


The heart of our solution

Passive Tracking with
Door Gates

Your event journey begins with our RFID Door Gates being strategically placed throughout the venue where they can provide over 99% tracking accuracy. These gates passively capture invaluable data on attendee movements, forming the foundation for precise event tracking.

RFID Badge Printing

Complementing our Door Gates, ExpoTools RFID badges feature advanced tags designed to seamlessly house captured data. These badges serve as powerful tools, carrying attendee identification throughout venues, ensuring precise tracking of interactions. Our software securely manages personal data, preserving the privacy of attendees while facilitating seamless tracking.

RFID Dashboard

As the event unfolds, ExpoTools' RFID dashboard provides a dynamic snapshot of attendee activity. Visualize session and exhibit hall data, identify traffic patterns, and maximize space value in real time. This comprehensive view empowers informed decision-making and event optimization on-the-go.

Comprehensive Reports

After the event, ExpoTools delivers detailed reports, extracting insights from the captured data. Dive deep into attendee behavior, session attendance, and traffic analysis. These reports serve as invaluable tools for event evaluation, improvement identification, and stakeholder engagement, completing the cycle of event success.

Additional Tools & Features

Discover More Tools and Features We Offer to Enhance Your Event Experience.

Handheld Scanners

Effortlessly manage event entry with our portable badge scanners, ensuring smooth access based on badge type and offering manual override options for flexibility.

Exhibit Hall Analysis

Gain valuable insights into attendee traffic patterns within the exhibit hall with our Beacon and RFID solutions, optimizing the value of your exhibit space.

Detailed PDF Reports

Unlock valuable event insights post-event with our custom PDF reports, covering attendee tracking, session attendance, and traffic analysis, guiding future decisions effectively.

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