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In this age of constantly changing technology, many businesses require professionals to regularly attend educational courses to earn necessary credits in their fields. These courses are often necessary to maintain licenses and stay ahead of challenges and technologies in their industries.  As some courses are mandatory, it is necessary for organizations to ensure their professionals were in attendance, often from the beginning to the end of their appropriate sessions, to earn their credit hours.

ExpoTools USA provides a variety of systems to effectively track attendance in CEU/ CME courses and seminars.  Our continuing education tracking system will track each person in attendance, recording in/out times as well as duration of stay. The attendee name, registration ID number, date, and time of each session is tracked in near real time to ensure that participants meet the criteria to earn their credit hours.

Continuing Education Tracking System

Continuing Education Tracking SystemAt ExpoTools USA, our continuing education tracking system makes it very easy to track attendance and duration of stay for attendees to earn their continuing education credits.  Our passive RFID tracking system provides the most precise process in the industry, continually measured at over 99% accuracy – without intruding upon the attendee. Data from our RFID Tracking system can be accessed by appropriate personnel in near real time through our ExpoTools USA RFID Dashboard.

Our unique passive RFID attendance tracking system utilizes:

  • RFID Badges: We will work with show management to design and print attendee badges as required with a specific encoded RFID tag. The tag will contain the attendee contact information as specified by show management. As attendees walk through our RFID readers, their tag is scanned and their information is recorded.
  • RFID Door Gates (Portals) and Proximity Readers: At ExpoTools USA, our RFID process utilizes portals and proximity readers to ensure that each badge is scanned as needed. Our systems cross check all scanned data through a variety of filters to make sure attendee data is not only captured, but accurately filtered to ensure accuracy. As the ExpoTools USA RFID process is passive, attendees are not delayed by manual badge scanning which can be awkward and obtrusive.
  • Continuing education tracking software: The data captured by our RFID devices is uploaded and accessed through our ExpoTools USA RFID Dashboard. The ExpoTools USA RFID Dashboard provides attendance data in a variety of ways. Data allows Show Management to sort and search through different educational sessions and view the list of attendees in each session. Data includes the time that each attendee arrived as well as the time they left, and necessary criteria can be set for earning credits. As an example, often an attendee must attend a course for a certain duration of time in order to earn credit for the course.  Criteria of this nature can easily be set in the system, ensuring that only attendees meeting the requirement will receive credit. As the RFID dashboard is uploaded to the cloud, data can be accessed, with the proper credentials, virtually anywhere or anytime.

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The failure of employees to attend educational sessions and earn their required credits can be a real detriment to a business.  Our accurate CEU tracking system will help ensure that professionals are up to date with their continuing education requirements.

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