On-Site Registration & Registration Management Systems

Trade Show On-Site Registration Management Systems

As every show manager is aware, there are a variety of registration platforms and software which offer various levels of functionality depending on budget and needs.  On-site registration is the first touch point with attendees at an event.  Integration with your pre-show registration platform could make the difference between a pleasant experience and a bad first impression.

ExpoTools USA can provide an on-site registration solution tailored to suit the individual needs of an event of any size.  We can integrate with your registration platform and offer the capabilities to facilitate badge reprints, print badges for new registrants, or on demand printing of every attendee badge.

Trade Show Registration

On-Site Registration

Our staff at ExpoTools USA can help you manage every step of the trade show registration process before and during the show.

Before the Event

ExpoTools USA can provide valuable assistance with your online registration needs prior to your event by helping you conceptualize your registration solution.  Based on your needs, we can consult you on the advantages or disadvantages to the many options in regard to on-site on demand printing.  We can help you make educated choices with your registration forms and procedures.  Every show is different.  Every solution is different.  At ExpoTools USA we provide out of the box solutions because we recognize that our clients are as varied as the events that they manage.

At the Event

Trade Show Self Registration - Self Badge ScanningLines at registration counters can be overwhelming.  At ExpoTools USA, we understand that mitigating the wait for attendees to obtain their badges can go a long way to set the tone for their event experience.  One option is that attendees can self register and print their own badge. A registration confirmation email can include a barcode which attendees can scan at a self registration kiosk, generating a badge and everything the attendee needs to start off the event on the right foot.

Conversely, a fast registration and badge printing solution can also keep those lines moving.  At ExpoTools USA our BadgeMaster badging solution allows registration personnel to quickly locate an attendees registration data.  Our state-of-the-art hardware solutions make badge printing fast, easy, and effective to get your attendees out of the line and on their way!

Or, perhaps, a combination of self-printing and assisted printing is the solution best suited for your event.  At ExpoTools USA, we can help you determine what combination of solutions is best for you and your particular event needs and budget.

Registration Management Systems from ExpoTools USA

When you work with ExpoTools USA to contract your trade show, we will help you with registration before, during, and after you event.   We can provide systems, set-up and support to help relieve the stress of registration.  Contact our experts at ExpoTools USA to learn more about how we can help with on-site registration for your trade show.



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